Restorative Justice in Schools of Ed Conference: May 8th


MAY 8, 2015 at Lehman College

Proposals for workshops due by March 27, 2015 to David Fletcher

Register for the Conference by April 14, 2015

You are warmly invited to facilitate and participate in a series of panels and workshops to discuss and explore the need for and the benefits to be gained from restorative practices being implemented in K-12 schools, undergraduate and graduate schools of education, and community organizations and government agencies.


-Preparing current and future educators to implement and sustain restorative practices in collaboration with students, families, and community organizations;
-Building positive peer communities of learning that promote achievement;
-Significantly reducing the suspension of students of color and special needs students;
-Significantly reducing the incarceration of students of color and special needs students;
-Supporting students’ significant academic, social, artistic and emotional development;
-Supporting students being valued by their schools and communities and being empowered to create positive change in support of social justice and equity;
-Supporting students and adults to learn to both prevent and resolve conflict non-violently and creatively;
-Supporting the healthy social, emotional, and intellectual development of educators (teachers, school counselors, administrators, school staff);
-Supporting students’ development of positive cultural, racial, ethnic and gender identities;
-Significantly reducing bullying and cyber-bullying;
-Supporting the achievement and safety of LGBTQ youth;
-Reducing the impact of racism on achievement and learning;
-Reducing the impact of poverty on achievement and learning;
-Building effective collaborations between schools and their communities through community organizations and other means;
-Building restorative collaborations between schools and the justice and criminal systems;
-Advocating for public policy supporting restorative practices; and
-Building a collaborative network of restorative practitioners;
-Proposals may include one or many of these inter-related areas of interest.

Proposal Format:
1) Name, address and telephone number
2) Organization affiliation and position title
3) Title of proposal
4) Abstract of no more than 50 words
5) Format: workshop / panel (panel participants) / speaker – 50 minute sessions
6) Intended audience
7) Multimedia requirements
8) Additional information you deem necessary

Submit to David Fletcher

Proposals will be reviewed within one week of submission
Please share the May 8 Call for Proposals with interested colleagues, students and community members

May 8 Planning Committee: Jose Alfaro, Teachers Unite; Anna Bean, Campaign Coordinator at Teachers Unite; Laurie Bennett, Community Activist; Loren Fisher, Compass High School; David Fletcher, Lehman College; David Forbes, Brooklyn College, CUNY; Shulamith Freedman, CUNY Graduate Center; Dana Fusco, York College; Serigne Gningue, Lehman College; Paul Knotts, Lehman College; Sally Lee, Teachers Unite; Hilary Lustick, New York University; Rachel Pfeffer, Fund for Public Advocacy

Participating organizations:
National School Climate Center, Morningside Center for Social Responsibility, International Institute for Restorative Practices, Medgar Evers College Center for Law and Social Justice, Teachers Unite

Sponsors: Teachers Unite, Dignity in Schools – NY, Lehman College (CUNY), Morningside Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers), Fund for Public Advocacy, The Center for Human Rights and Peace Studies @ Lehman College