Take Action Now: Ending Racist Discipline in NYC Schools

September 8, 2014

You may have seen Chancellor Fariña’s statement in the Daily News last week about delaying the release of the 2014-2015 Discipline Code. What’s the hold up?

Young people, parents, and educators know what schools need to create safe communities for all: see statements released in response to the Chancellor from Dignity in Schools and the Urban Youth Collaborative.

Now you can take action! Ask your school to sign on to this letterdemanding systemic changes so that schools have the resources, support, and policy in place to stop the School-to-Prison pipeline in NYC.

Are you a member of your UFT Chapter? Parent Association? Student Leadership Council? Restorative Justice team? All of the above? The city needs to hear from people on the ground about what they need to make schools caring communities for all.

Please sign on with your school by Friday, September 12th!

Thank you for taking action.