Teachers Unite Spring Member Drive: How Will YOU Push Back?

April 30, 2015

For the past ten days, we've been sharing the stories of our members who have found in Teachers Unite a space to push back against school pushout, isolation, and burnout, and a place from which to build strong school communities committed to social justice and dignity for all students, parents, and educators.

Join us today!

Here are all the stories in one place:

Nicole's Push for Healthy Schools

Taeko's Push for Idealism

Samantha's Push Back Against Punitive Discipline

Tyler's Push for Youth Power

Eli's Push Back Against Burnout

Becky's Push for Community

Sarah's Push for Critical Thinking

and Miranda's Push Back Against Data-Driven Education "Reform"

Together, we can transform public education. What do YOU most want to push for?

Our members' values are clear: community, authenticity, love, radical critical thought, justice. If you share these values, please join us today. Your membership is the most significant way for you to contribute to Teachers Unite, whether you can make one meeting a year or ten.

Teachers Unite is working to create a movement of educator-leaders who collaborate with parents and students to abolish mass incarceration. We envision a democratic teachers union that stands against racism and systems of oppression. We demand a public education system governed through popular control, where each school is grounded in the needs, values and collaborative decision-making within its community. Will you push for this vision with us?

Our members resist institutions that segregate and criminalize Black and Latino/a youth, such as the school-to-prison pipeline, by organizing educators to work as allies in local and national campaigns for social and economic justice. We develop and share resources for restorative justice and school-based power-building that promote grassroots leadership in public education. If you want to be a part of this work, or just want to show that you support it--please join our community of educators committed to transforming schools:

* Connect with other schools in partnerships
* Get support with reducing suspensions and growing restorative practices
* Access our Growing Fairness film and toolkit
* Directly impact education policy in partnership with students and parents
* Travel across the country with our coalition partners!

When we join together, our push back is stronger. Become a TU member and define how you want to push for your vision of public schools. Please join as an educator, ally or student member today. Thank you!