Requesting a workshop is your group's statement of support for Teachers Unite's mission and your decision to start organizing. We hope to hear from you!

How we work

Schools and organizations that partner with Teachers Unite are asking for more than a professional development training. Partnering with Teachers Unite is your group's statement of support for our mission and your decision to start organizing. We are building a movement to end the school-to-prison pipeline and help dismantle the Prison Industrial Complex. We believe that a workshop alone won't make that happen, but working together and building organizational power can!

We believe that shifting your school's climate is a whole-community project. If you are the only person in your school interested in these issues, you will need to find at least one (if not 5, 10 or 20) other educator, parent, or student who will work with you to develop this as a pilot project in your school. If you are a principal requesting a workshop for your school's staff, we are available only if you are making the request on their behalf, meaning: we do not stand-in as required PD for educators who are not interested in this work.

After you read more about our workshops, and after your request is submitted, our Organizing Council will identify two TU facilitators (active and/or retired NYC public school teachers) to work with your school or organization. They will reach out to your contact person to learn more about your school or organization and your goals. Together you will finalize a partnership agreement with the plan for the year. Our partners will commit to their responsibilities outlined in the plan as well as submit evaluations to Teachers Unite (required to receive access to our groundbreaking, educator-created and educator-tested toolkit).

Partnership Goal:
To support the development of a sustainable, collaborative leadership team among staff, parents and teachers at Teachers Unite's partner school that is committed to transforming its school’s culture through the adoption of restorative justice practices.

Workshop topics

A partial list of possible workshop content pieces that you and your school and/or organization can request from Teachers Unite:

- Growing Fairness Screening;
- Historical and political context of Restorative Justice;
- Dignity in Schools Campaign and Teachers Unite;
- Navigating the bureaucracy and changing infrastructure in your school;
- Reviewing “Growing Fairness” online toolkit in groups;
- Creating buy-in for restorative practices and alternatives to suspension at your school;
- Restorative Circles;
- Core Values
- Building School Community
- Restorative Justice Curriculum Building

(Some of our) Workshop goals
1. Provide practical skills and encourage sustainability
2. Build collaborative leadership and decision-making in schools
3. Engage school community members in school-based and system-wide alliance building.


We believe in defending public education, building union power, supporting collaborative leadership in schools, and sustaining our capacity. For these reasons, we will only provide workshops for...

1) a unionized school where at least 2-5 educators are participating


2) a group of educators, parents, and/or young people from public school communities engaged in resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex and the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Workshop Cost (for NYC public schools and educators)
• Unless a requesting NYC public school has supplementary funds, they are only responsible for the workshop facilitators’ per session and $250 for full school access to the Growing Fairness film and toolkit.
• Scholarships are available for dues-paying members requesting this workshop independent of their school's administration.

Workshop Cost (for organizations)

Our sliding scale below ensures that organizations with working budgets enable TU to offer workshops to schools and groups unable to pay TU.

Organizations with budgets:

Over $500,000: Workshop fee = $3,000 plus any travel costs
Between $200,000 and $499,999: Workshop fee = $2,000 plus travel
Between $20,000-$199,99: Workshop fee = $600 plus travel

Fees help cover the work of Teachers Unite members and staff who provide the following for your group:
-Customized workshop facilitation
-Access to online toolkit resource
-Coordination of presentations and other activities
-Follow-up assessment and support

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