Growing Fairness: The Premiere!


Sorry, but we are expecting a packed house for our premiere. Fear not! You can still see Growing Fairness!

• Be on the look out for information about how to purchase the film online and view it on your own computer.

• We will be hosting another screening at the beginning of October as part of the Dignity in Schools Campaign Week of Action. Stay tuned for details.

Thursday, August 29th


Brecht Forum*

451 West St. (between Bank and Bethune Streets)

An evening of viewing, discussion and celebration

Food and refreshments provided

Space is limited. Click here for information about reserving your seat.

Growing Fairness serves as a response to the requests made to Teachers Unite from organizations across the country for resources developed and used by educators that help schools create a safe community for all.

Growing Fairness is a documentary, workshop and online toolkit developed by New York City public school teachers designed to help school communities shift their culture from punitive to positive.

The documentary takes an in depth look at the use of restorative practices and other alternatives to suspension in New York City and Oakland schools. It highlights the work being done to re-imagine public schools in Black and Latino/a communities most impacted by suspensions, pushout, racial profiling, and mass incarceration.

The educator-led workshop series provides an introduction to restorative practices and their political context, and underscores the necessity of staff-parent-student organizing as key to bringing transformative justice in schools.

The online toolkit is a teacher-developed, always-evolving resource hub for communities planning to examine, plan and lead a shift in their school culture.